Our Story

Let’s start with the obvious. What is Moustaches for Kids?
is a community of moustache “growers” who raise money once a year for a local children’s charity. For 30 days, the chapter’s growers will all work tirelessly to grow and display their beautiful moustaches. They, of course, will be asked, “What’s with the stache?” That is their opportunity to then raise awareness and money for deserving kids.

How did this begin? A few years ago a good friend of mine, George Svagera, (a pioneer and legendary grower from our sister chapter) shared with me some incredible stories about his M4K chapter in Omaha. M4K Omaha started their chapter in 2009 and within 9 years of growing they have raised $1,780,868. In 2017 alone they had 177 growers raise $443,776.Do I have your attention now? I know, I reacted the same way. It’s quite impressive.

For the past 2 years George and I have continued to talk about M4K. I loved everything about it and I had the hardest time forgetting about it. I just kept thinking…why not an Orange County chapter?


Community. Sweet Staches. Money for the Kids. It’s perfect. It really is. No car washes, no selling cookies, no selling candy bars, no booster clubs, no bike/run/walk 5k’s. Grow the stache. Raise money for kids. Feel awesome everyday while doing it.

If you need to think about it or talk it over with your significant other, that’s fine. Just remind them it’s for the kids. Let them know M4KOC chose growing season to begin in April and end in May to avoid any major holidays. You’re welcome spouses. The holiday photos fortunately/unfortunately won’t have your sweet stache in it. However, growers are welcome and encouraged to grow during the off season.

Don’t listen to the doubters or the haters in your head. This is great. You know it. It’s time to change the world because these kids we are about to support are growing up in it. Who’s with me?